Hindsight is...

So now would be the time I would post my list of quarterly goals, how successful I was in the last quarter of the year, and what I want to accomplish by March.

But as 2020 was, this is different. I didn't accomplish any of my goals I set. In September, I found out my blood sugar had skyrocketed to the point that I may have needed to begin an insulin regimen. Luckily, I had improved by the year's end. In October, more than half of my team at work got furloughed and my work schedule increased to 50+ hours a week. Despite this, I started off strong for NaNoWriMo, getting over 35K in by the middle of the month. The weekend before Thanksgiving, my mother got diagnosed with cancer. Five days later, our family dog of 15 years passed away.

I've seen other authors say there is no excuse to abandon your platform, your work, or your readers. But in those three painfully long months, I didn't see any feasible way I could force myself to write, let alone talk to anyone outside my immediate circle. 2021 leaves me hopeful, but I'm returning to my platform, and my books, slowly.

I want to get The Thundering Ones published next year. That hasn't changed. But even with my extra hours at work, I'm still living paycheck to paycheck and have no wiggle room or savings for editing or formatting services. My goals are small for this year as a whole:

-Write every day, no matter how small or big

-Exercise and dance more

-Spend time with people that matter most

-Read more in general

-Stay off my phone more

Whether these goals lead to me publishing on time or not, I hope y'all will stick it out and wait a little longer for that second book. I know waiting isn't easy and it isn't fair to all my readers out there, and neither is the radio silence. But all I ask in the coming year is that we are kinder to each other and give space for our needs...whatever they may be.

Thanks, y'all. Here's to 2021.

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